Diet Favorite 7 days

Many people have been hearing about their "favorite" diet for 7 days. It is very unusual, based on various weight loss options. This system causes a multitude of conflicting opinions: some are enthusiastic about it and some are concerned. What is the secret of a child's popularity, let's take a closer look.

Favorite diet for 7 days

The concept of a diet is based on the fasting day system. This technique is used by many nutritionists. They recommend occasional unloading days to correct weight. But the "Favorite" diet for 7 days, according to her menu, recommends spending several days of fasting at once during the week.

Based on this concept, the basic principles of weight loss have been developed using this technique:

  • Eat one group of similar foods on the same day. If drinking is recommended, it can be any product in liquid form - soups, teas, herbal teas, kefir, etc. There are 3 such days of drinking - the first, third, sixth. Protein foods, fruits and vegetables are selected on the same principle. The second day is dedicated to vegetables, the fourth to fruits. It is only the last time he plans to leave the diet, so the diet is gentler: different dishes are allowed.
  • Strict food quantity control. As for every day of unloading, a certain amount of food eaten is determined. Thanks to such restrictions, it is possible to lose at least 7 kg in a short time.
  • You must have experience in fasting. This is an important condition because it will be very difficult to endure this way of losing weight out of habit. It is recommended to try one day of this diet before starting. If you think you can master this weight loss method, then you can move on to the full version.
  • Don't go on a diet for more than a week. Now there is an option for half a month. But its use due to poor nutrition threatens health problems. It is not recommended to use "Favorite" more than three times a year.

In fact, the diet combined 2 popular weight loss systems - separate meals and fasting days based on liquid meals. The first option absolutely excludes fatty foods, products from different categories do not mix, which facilitates the work of the digestive tract. The second option helps to remove excess fluid. It is this combination that causes concern among physicians. They are convinced that such changes with a sharp change in diet disrupt the balanced functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Indications and contraindications

how to lose weight on a diet dear

In fact, the favorite diet is 7 days with a strong calorie restriction. As one of the types of strict diet, it can be used by women who do not have special health problems. Only people with high weight will have a noticeable result.

Careful when choosing this method of weight loss should be those who have any chronic disease. The diet is contraindicated for diabetes, gastritis, colitis, diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys, liver during the recovery period after surgery.Pregnant and breastfeeding women are forbidden!

Carrying and feeding a child, as well as gastrointestinal diseases are contraindications

"Favorite" is not suitable for those who suffer from emotional overeating. Despite the fact that weight loss of up to 10 kg per week is advertised, the diet is not suitable for obese people. Due to a change in diet, they may experience a sudden drop in blood sugar. Possible consequences include headache, weakness, and dizziness.

Nutritionists advise you to assess your options before switching to such a diet and remind you that such diets slow down your metabolism and lead to muscle breakdown.

List of required products

"Favorite" is a seven-day diet, where the menu should contain only foods that are allowed on the list.

For drink days:

  1. fruits, vegetable juices without pulp;
  2. compotes, unsweetened fruit jellies;
  3. black, green, any herbal tea, coffee without sugar and milk;
  4. milk, low-fat kefir;
  5. chicken fillet soup;
  6. clean water.

For Vegetable Day any vegetables except potatoes and corn. They can be cooked, baked, made salads from fresh vegetables with a small addition of lemon juice, soy sauce, a few drops of olive oil.

For a fruit day - any fruit except grapes, persimmons, bananas, mangoes. Give preference to fruits that help burn fat: kiwi, pineapple, grapefruit.

On a protein day, it is recommended:

  • veal;
  • beef;
  • rabbit;
  • chicken;
  • turkey;
  • quails, chicken eggs;
  • fish, seafood;
  • low-fat cottage cheese;
  • buckwheat.

Daily menu

In the "Favorite" diet for 7 days, the menu is written in detail for each day.

The following rules must be followed:

  1. The order of the day cannot be changed.
  2. You can't replace food in your diet, strictly follow the list of recommended dishes.
  3. Although diet allows you to eat an unlimited amount of food, it is better to adhere to these norms.
  4. The number of meals per day is unlimited.

First day - drink

The first day is the hardest to start a diet. The menu contains only liquid dishes. Of the drinks we recommend herbal teas (with mint, thyme) without sugar, still water, vegetable juices (carrots, tomatoes, cucumbers), infusion of rose hips. Fruit juices are not allowed: they contain a lot of glucose. For lunch, treat yourself to 200 ml of any soup - fish, meat, chicken, but do not add salt, just a little spice. For dinner, drink kefir, milk or yogurt with a small percentage of fat, but not purchased.

If the day is called "drinking", it does not mean that drinking is allowed. Under the ban - alcoholic, low-alcohol beverages.

Second day - vegetable day

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The second day is dedicated to vegetables. After a half-starved Monday, Tuesday’s diet will seem very satisfying. But it’s not worth increasing portions.

The menu consists of any vegetables except beets and potatoes. You can cook them in any way: you make salads from them, bake them, stew them, cook them, but frying is forbidden.

Salt is forbidden again, but add spices to taste and a little olive oil and lemon juice for salad dressing. The amount of cooked vegetables should not exceed 1. 5 kg. Divide this amount into 5 meals.

Drink 1. 5 liters of water a day.

Third day - drinking

Today's diet is again liquid meals. Use those foods that you didn’t put on the menu the first day. The restrictions are the same.

Fourth day - fruity

Fruit day is not easy. But the fruit has one peculiarity - it currently creates a feeling of satiety, because it contains glucose. But that's why the feeling of satiety quickly disappears after an hour. Only water saves from that. You need to drink it at least 2 - 2, 5 liters. On this day, you can eat any fruit and berries, except those that contain a lot of sugar - bananas, grapes, raisins, dried apricots. Choose fruits that help burn fat. These are kiwi, pineapple, orange, grapefruit, green apples. They are eaten only fresh.

Fifth day - proteins

Sitting on their favorite diet and making a menu for 7 days, many are, as testimonies testify, satisfied with the start of a protein day. Compared to previous days, the diet is more satisfying. Choose proteins that are easily digestible. These are chicken fillet, sea fish, veal, low-fat cottage cheese, quail or chicken eggs. The cooking methods are different, except for frying. On steamed meat and fish, bake in foil so as not to reduce the amount of protein in the food. Don't forget the spices: they will add a more spicy taste to your dishes. Pay attention to the portion size, more than 300 g at a time is not allowed. For better digestion of protein foods, drink plenty of clean water, but not with meals, but between meals.

Sixth day - drink

After a hearty protein day comes another limitation - a day of drinking. Duplicates the first and third day.

Seventh day - balanced diet

The seventh day is dedicated to the gradual exit from the diet. The diet is becoming more varied and richer. Includes all products from previous days. Any combination is allowed. Include in the menu a light vegetable soup with buckwheat, boiled eggs, fry chicken fillet with vegetables. For snacks, take kefir, any fruit. Break all food into 5 meals, and drink a glass of kefir or yogurt before bed. The amount of food eaten per meal still does not exceed 300 g.

Stop your favorite child

Anyone with a weight loss diet experience knows how important it is to fulfill it properly. Once you’ve dropped the hated pounds and felt like a real heroine, you shouldn’t immediately be rewarded with copious food. How to get out of the "Favorite" diet, counting on 7 days, in order to maintain the achieved results?

The next morning you should eat 2 boiled eggs, for lunch limit yourself to a cup of chicken soup or soup of any vegetable, and for dinner make a vegetable salad, seasoning it with lemon. During the day, unsweetened fruit is allowed as a snack.

How to keep the result

food for your favorite diet

In order to consolidate the obtained result, it is recommended to adhere to the diet on the last, seventh day. It should last at least a week.

Then gradually increase the calorie content of the food, but in the first month it is better to completely abandon baking and sweets.

Nutritionists are skeptical of such rigid diets. They note that drastically limiting calories to a minimum, using more than one day of fasting, and a diet low in nutrients can be harmful. Yes, on this diet you can lose about 1 kg per day.

As you lose weight, you simultaneously lose muscle mass and slow down your metabolism. And it follows from this that the pounds will come back after they went back to the previous diet, falling in such a barbaric way. Therefore, it is more rational to switch to a proper diet and try to speed up the metabolism with physical activity.