Proven by years of keto diet and her diet for a week

The absolute majority of the people dream dreams and will dream about weight loss. But why to succeed in this field is obtained is not many?

keto diet

Little useful information on this topic, the difficulties in restricting the diet, lack of motivation, financial difficulties, health problems and the like – the main reasons (most of them are common excuses for it to do anything) no positive result.

There are a large number of diets. Some are more effective, others less, but all are based on the principle of weight loss: create a calorie deficit. You will have to spend more energy, than receive.

Why create such a deficit? First of all, it's exercise, and secondly, it decreases the amount of calories consumed, respectively, and the food in your diet will be considerably less. Less consumption, more consumption – the result is just around the corner.

One of the most effective is the keto-diet, which had already advocated in the 60-ies of Vince Gironde. What is its function? In the full exclusion of carbohydrates, the use in the diet of large amounts of fat and protein, in particular, the system adjustments of your body.

keto diet weight loss

Before keto diet differ from other diets and the specifics of the diet

As the main fuel for the nutrition of the brain and the whole organism are carbohydrates, then in the "keto" you are forcing your body to switch to an alternative source of energy - fat, but the process of this breakdown and use of fat is called simply – ketosis.

Due to such a rotation is going on depletion of its own reserves of carbohydrates - glycogen is in the muscles and liver, and the body burns fat automatically.

There is a deeper decrypt this diet, with more than a clear description of the principles of functioning of the mechanism, but it makes sense to talk about him in such detail no. Why?

Yes, because the main thing - to understand the essence of this system: the almost complete rejection of carbohydrates, eating large amount of fat for proper functioning of the brain, create a calorie deficit in the diet, it is possible to with confidence, how to lose weight and burn fat.

keto diet foods

Is it worth it to completely remove the carbs? It is possible to leave only 30-50 grams of fiber for proper bowel function. To burn fat are does not affect, but improve digestion.

Fiber is found in the green salted vegetables (cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, etc.).

How is the adaptation of the organism to this kind of diet

Phase 1. For the first 8-10 hours of the diet your reserves of carbohydrates are in the body wanes.

Phase 2. On the second day, after the last ingestion of carbohydrates, the body is no longer rebuilt on a new source of energy.

Phase 3. On the 5-6 day body uses fat as an energy source. But, in addition, the source of energy is becoming more and proteins.

Phase 4. Your body is completely rebuilt on the splitting of the fat. Protein is not already used as energy. Brain on 3/4 feeds on the way to ketosis.

An important aspect is the carbohydrate download. What is its meaning? After, say, two weeks of keto diet, your body uses an alternative source of energy – fat.

But to speed up the metabolism, to produce the adaptive properties of the organism, yet it requires some amount of carbohydrates. How much? 10 grams of carbohydrates for every kilogram of body weight will suffice.

When? Later two and more weeks of the keto diet. Take download must no more than 12 to 18 hours. In this period, you will eat complex and simple carbohydrates, fiber, and then again forcing your body to switch into the mode of ketosis.

The composition of the keto diet

What is the composition of the diet? A third of the daily calories should be protein, rest is fat. It is known that 1 gram of fat equals 9 kcal, while 1 gram of protein is 4 kcal.

For example, it is necessary in a day for weight loss to 2200 kcal. That is, whereas the aspect ratio, eats 200 grams of fat and 100 grams of protein. In the sum gives 2200 kcal/day. Elementary arithmetic will help lead your body to a good result.

Permitted and prohibited products

keto diet allowed foods

What products are worth consuming? Any, the important thing is to not carbohydrates. Advantage still it is possible to give food of animal origin.

Also it makes sense to add unsaturated fats (flaxseed, olive, walnut oil), fish oil, and as mentioned above, a bit of fiber.

Keto diet: a diet for a week

In it are represented by products that have a positive effect on the body and helps reduce weight.

Breakfast (8.00 - 10.30)

Protein shake (consists of cottage cheese, fruit, milk) for one glass.

The egg white of three eggs welded to the sharp.

Bread with cheese (low calorie, no more 250 Kcal).

Lunch (12.00 – 14.30)

Brown rice on the water.

One slice of cheese.

Boiled chicken meat without skin -150 gr.

Afternoon snack (16.00)

A glass of cocktail (Mix in a blender – milk, cottage cheese, banana)

Walnuts - a handful.

Dinner (17.00 – 18.30)

Fish 150 g of steamed or grilled.

Brown rice, cooked in water, one serving.

Salad (1/2 cucumber, red onion, ½ tomato).

Cottage cheese.

Harm the body from keto diets

  1. The smell of acetone. An excess of fission products (ketones) appears an unpleasant odor. What to do? Help you clean water. 3 liters per day would be a great way to get rid of the problem.
  2. The reduced performance. This phenomenon is observed at the beginning of the diet and lasts for this condition for about a week. After the brain fully recovers his job.
  3. Beriberi. By reducing the choice of food has a place of lack of vitamins and minerals. With this problem will help you handle the additional intake of vitamin complexes.
  4. During the keto diet in any case can not consume alcohol. The consequences can be disastrous.
  5. Constipation. Well, the solution to this problem will be still the same fiber, which normalizes the work of intestines.

Before you try this diet, make sure that you are really ready, because it requires huge attention, willpower, patience. Starting off and in the middle, it is possible to harm his health. The main thing – to take responsibility for the task of weight loss, but the outcome is already around the corner.