How to lose weight in a week: safe fast ways to lose weight

Week – is quite real term in order to lose weight. Diet for a week can be beneficial for your body and can cause irreparable harm to the health of all depends on the power mode menu. Show you how to lose weight in a week at home.

Diet for a week

Lose weight in a week at home is actually not too difficult. There are several simple and inexpensive, rapid diets that will allow you to lose 2 kg, 5 kg, 7 kg and 10 kg. all the End result depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and the initial weights, but the result will be exact. To completely remove the belly, thighs, and other unwanted bulges the diet will not work, it is necessary to connect the activities that the body has acquired the desired shape.

How to lose weight in a week at home

Sitting on a diet, we want to see the results as quickly as possible. As luck would have it, weight loss occurs gradually, and one run will not lead to instant results. We've gathered a few tricks that will help you get closer to the cherished dream just a week.

Plan diet

The more you plan your menu for the day (or even the week ahead), the less likely a sudden collapse in the nearest to work fast food. Try to take Sunday for the purchase of products on the week ahead and cooking healthy meals. Some of them it is possible to freeze dividing into portions and putting in boxes. Listening out of the freezer, these billets in the evening, in the morning you can take a ready lunch.

Tomorrow mandatory

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It depends on the mood, energy and appetite throughout the day. Whole grains, proteins, healthy fats after you Wake up will help to avoid the strong appetite by noon. And eating a small dessert in the morning, you can easily discard it after work.

Healthy snacks at hand

Diet snacks will help control hunger in between main meals. If you know what today important meeting you will have to skip lunch, grab a to work healthy snack. For example, it can be prepared at home slices of vegetables and fruits. Not to grab a candy bar at the checkout, carry bag bars made of dried fruit. A packet of dried fruit or roasted nuts in the glove compartment of a car is very useful if you are firmly stuck in traffic.

Drink plenty of water

The truth is, what is called "a beard", but its importance cannot be forgotten. The amount of water supports the body at the highest level especially if you drink wisely: a glass half an hour before a meal will help eat less a glass in 45 minutes after a meal will boost your metabolism. But drinking during the meal will dissolve gastric juice and will only slow down the digestion.

Less salt

Salt, not sugar, and, of course, is not fattening. However, it contained sodium leads to fluid retention in the body and bloating. The excess is called "water weight". To get rid of it reduce the consumption of salt. Pure replace it with lemon juice, adding it, for example, in salads. Don't forget that the "white death" is part of the canned products, sauces, cheeses (and the less of them the fat percentage the more salt). In restaurants ask the waiter not to add salt to the dish you can do it yourself at the table or not doing at all. If the force of habit stronger choose options with lower sodium.

Lunch and dinner vegetables

Before proceeding to the main course, eat a vegetable salad or a light soup, such as soup or a beetroot soup (cream soups, though vegetable-based cream and only seem light). So you fill your stomach with beneficial fiber that will help to eat less pasta or postpone at least one bun of the Burger. In addition, if you eat salad in the beginning, you are less likely to "forget" about it in the end.

Eat at home

Home cooking ensures total control over the ingredients. At the same time eliminates the worry about the hidden calories that are a no-no, and will appear even in the most healthy restaurant meals.

Refrain from white products

Besides salt and sugar is white bread, potatoes, fatty dairy products are the cornerstone of all the eager to lose some weight (proteins in this list are not included). To abandon them for a week not too difficult. In the long term, try to eat white at least replacing the brightly colored fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy proteins and healthy fats.

How to lose weight in a week at home

Diet for a week

If you have no strict time frame for weight loss results better not to chase: to lose 5 kg or more, choose a diet for 2 weeks. The more you have excess weight, especially long-term diet should be followed. Diet for 4 weeks, for 7 weeks will not only help you to lose weight without harm to health, but also give long-term results. Under extreme conditions weight loss the body will gain weight as quickly as you lose it. Sometimes, hard week diet do not bring the expected result, as the body begins to stock up, warning of a sharp hunger. Diet for 7 weeks, will rebuild the digestive system, will help to restore the metabolism, and just develop you have the habit to eat differently.

7 weeks and even 4 weeks is very difficult to follow a strict diet. Unaccustomed to possible breakdowns, bouts of overeating, which on the background of General starvation cause significant harm. Therefore, the diet for 3 weeks and more focuses not on reducing the amount of food, and on a strict diet, on the portions (it is better to eat often and in small quantities), on the proper allocation of energy-rich food during the day (morning – complex carbs in the evening – proteins).