How to lose weight fast at home without dieting? 10 main rules how to lose weight

During his work as a consultant on nutrition met many people who want to lose weight. But not just become more slender and to do it quickly! And even better is, all that we want and still lose weight.

If You belong to this category of people, I hasten to disappoint You — the magic pill does not exist! To lose weight, you need to deal with them, to monitor their diet and make at least minimal exercise.

But there are some secrets that will help You lose weight effectively and quick! Adhering to these rules, you can lose 5 pounds in a week and even more! The result will depend on the initial weight. The more weight, the faster goes the extra pounds!

If Your goal right now — to say goodbye to the annoying amounts of to look more attractive or to improve the condition, then this article is for You!

weight loss at home

How to start a home weight loss?

And you need to start with motivation! Without motivation You have, alas, nothing happens. Just wanting is not enough. You need to visualize your goal. For example, You have a favorite dress (skirt, jeans, etc), which You can't get in. Set a goal again to show off in this wonderful thing.

Or find your photo where You were in great shape and hang in a prominent place (can be a photo of a beautiful girl, you want to be like). Find your way to force yourself to work. And start losing weight today, right now. No need to wait for tomorrow, next Monday, next year.

The basic rules of quick weight loss at home

  1. The water regime for accelerating the metabolism

    Every day you must drink at least 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water. That water. Juices, soups, tea and milk don't count. Don't be afraid to drink if You have swelling. On the contrary, when You drink enough, excess fluid from the body will be displayed. It is tested on many of my "lose weight".

    And large quantity of water should be drunk in the morning. Immediately after waking you should drink a glass of water, then another Cup before eating. That pint already typed.

    water diet for weight loss

    Why so much to drink in the morning? Because You lose a lot of moisture.

    Water is going breathing, then morning urine. In the morning You are in the red by nearly 1 liter of water! Therefore, to replenish water levels is vital.

    Water cleanses the intestines, causing food digests better. Be sure to drink a glass of life-giving water before each meal, if you want to lose weight quickly.

    Always carry a bottle of water and drink often in small SIPS between meals. Increasing the amount of fluid leads to the production of stress hormones, which starts the process of breakdown of fats.

  2. Decrease the amount of simple carbohydrates

    What applies to simple carbohydrates? It's our favorite sweets, pastries, potatoes, white rice, pasta from a premium flour, porridges of fast preparation, dry breakfasts, juices, carbonated water. That's all you need to eliminate from your diet if You wish to remove excess weight.

    This item is the most difficult, according to most dieters. Because many "pulls on the sweet", many so-called "carbohydrate addiction". When You eat these foods, carbohydrates are very quickly absorbed into the blood at a time gets a lot of sugar and, consequently, the pancreas secretes many insulin to the sugar removed. If sugar is in the blood, then the problems begin with the vessels.

    Excess sugar is quickly metabolized by the liver into fat. And it is not necessary to say that this sugar is needed by Your brain. The brain really need glucose, but not in such numbers.

    Glucose need to of slow carbs (complex). Which slowly break down and gradually gets blood sugar necessary for life. Slow carbohydrates provide energy immediately and much as simple and bare for a long time.

    food diet for weight loss

    Do not think that rice is diet food. In fact, it is essentially a simple carbohydrate like candy. Fig is it possible to have brown, brown, black. You can eat pasta from durum wheat. The potato is better to eliminate from your diet.

    There is another way to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and to lose weight quickly. This so-called functional food, nutrition in a glass. That is, in one serving of this product contains the required amount of protein, micro and macronutrients, some carbs.

    Eating such food in the form of a cocktail, get all the necessary nutrients, comes a feeling of satiety, but the body gets fewer calories and carbohydrates than conventional food. It can be eaten instead of Breakfast or dinner.

  3. Dramatically reduce intake of fat

    With a sharp weight loss can reduce the amount of fat in the diet to 30 grams. But it is not necessary to do this for a long time, because the body begin to miss good fats for building hormones, cell renewal, etc.

    Remove from menu animal fats: butter, lard, fatty meats, sausage. Limit and plant. Per tablespoon 17 grams of sunflower oil, which equals 153 calories!

    Do not eat anything fried. Cook for a couple, bake in foil, sleeve, sauté without added fat. Also I advise you to buy fish oil tablets to support the body during weight loss.

  4. Fractional power

    I recommend to eat fractionally. Often, but gradually. Eat every 2-4 hours. The first Breakfast should be immediately after waking up. If You do big gaps between meals, then the next time run the risk to eat more than necessary.

    Besides where the body sees this as a threat, and in the preparation of food the most part I'll try to send a "reserve", is in the fat.

    This step is quite difficult, if You are very busy and to wander around the city all day. But you need to think ahead your menu for the day, stock up on the necessary food in the morning for the whole day.

  5. Complete abstinence from alcohol

    If You decide to lose weight quickly, the alcohol will have to say goodbye. It violates the hormones that prevent You to get rid of annoying kilos. And besides, alcohol is very caloric.

  6. To lose weight quickly, reduce the amount of salt

    Daily intake of salt, teaspoon without top. It is composed of all the dishes. So try a little less salt. Do not eat prepared foods, they are always a lot of salt (cheese, sausage, convenience products, mayonnaise, sauces, canned).

    the rejection of salt in the diet for weight loss

    Salt retains water in the body. Which leads to puffiness, cellulite, and excess weight. The reduction of this mineral in the diet and the increase of water will lead to very good results of weight loss.

  7. Increase the amount of protein in the diet

    Protein is the basic building material for our muscles, cells, hormones, enzymes. When losing weight on different diets you may lose muscle mass, so that You quickly gain the weight back.

    Enhance Your menu low-fat cheese, fish, lean meat, soy products (tofu, soy milk, soy). Soy — in its protein composition is not inferior to meat, but is absorbed better because the plant protein has short amino acid chains.

  8. Keep a diary of weight loss

    Be sure to write down everything You eat during the day. Detail in grams. Don't leave anything out. Some people think that spoon of jam or ketchup won't hurt. But during the sudden weight loss such food will be immediately deposited in fat, which will significantly slow down the results.

    Once You reach the desired result, we will need to reconsider your diet. You can treat yourself with something delicious. But this must be done carefully, to know at what time and in what quantities to afford relief. But until You remove the belly and flanks — to deviate from the diet is impossible.

    Possible count the number of calories in your diary. There should be 1200-1500, it depends on Your starting weight, activity, sex.

  9. Do simple physical exercises

    When quick weight loss, you need to move more. If it is not possible to go to fitness or gym, do some walking. In the day you need to take at least 10 thousand steps. This number of steps will speed up Your metabolism and adjusts the body in the desired fashion.

    exercise for weight loss

    If you want to use this useful invention, as a pedometer. It will show how many a day steps You have walked and how many calories you lost.

    Do exercises at any time. During cleaning, dishwashing you can dance, take legs apart, etc. the more movement, the faster the fat will go away, because You'll spend more calories.

    After all, the basic rule of weight loss has not been canceled: spend calories need more than they get.

  10. Cosmetic home treatments for more effective results

    To speed up the relief of fat, you need to do homemade wraps. They improve skin condition, help to get rid of cellulite. Very well done honey wrap.

    First you need to clean the skin with a scrub. Then spread the warmed honey and wrapped in cling film. Hold for about 40 minutes, then rinse with water. To wraps should be regularly, at least every 3-4 days. There are other ways to hold the wrap with oil, clay, mud.

    Here are 10 essential home whale quick weight loss. Follow these rules and You will succeed! Please write about the result, about what the difficulties were during the struggle with the pounds, what tools You used.

Thank you for your attention! See you in the next article.