Diet for the lazy - a menu for every day

The lazy diet was developed by nutritionists to help people cope with excess weight or simply adjust their figure to the desired results. This technique got its name due to the fact that few women and men can decide on fundamental changes in diet. It is for such people that nutritionists have devised an acceptable diet, adhering to which you can achieve very impressive results.

Lazy Diet

Lazy diet is a special eating technique that aims to make a person feel comfortable and cozy. With such a diet there is no stress due to not eating a certain product. Psychological trauma is excluded, the risk of failure is minimal.

Diet for the lazy

The essence of a child is as follows:

  • No need to think in advance about what to eat for breakfast or the next day. You can also eat cooked food and raw food. The main thing here is not exactly what you eat, but how and in what quantity.
  • The diet can be followed in any convenient place and at any suitable time of life. For example, nothing bothers dieting on vacation at sea or while sitting at work.
  • In the weight loss process, the body not only performs the function of burning fat and as a result of weight loss, but also burns toxins and toxins.

Lazy diet is suitable for both women and men. It can be used as much as you want. Nutritionists did not notice any negative consequences.

The diet works according to the following rules:

  • The liquid that is drunk on an empty stomach fills the stomach space and suppresses the feeling of hunger.
  • The amount of water is such that the amount of food when it enters the stomach is noticeably reduced. A man no longer needs a full bowl of soup, but eats it half.
  • Water accelerates all metabolic processes in the body, increases metabolism.
  • The liquid quickly removes toxins and slag.
  • Hair, skin and nails look perfect.

Types of food for the lazy (short description)

Diet for the lazy to lose weight in 5 kg

The essence of a diet is to eat for a week or two strictly following some rules. First, dinner should be turned off. You can't have dinner before bed. The time interval between the last meal and sleep should be 5-6 hours.

Diet for the lazy on water

The nutrition method in this case is based on the use of a sufficient amount of fluid. If a person wants to eat chocolate or part of a barbecue, there is no need to refuse. It is necessary to drink at least 2 glasses of water before using the desired product. So, it will not be possible to eat a large amount of harmful product and the figure will not suffer. In addition, water will remove all harmful bacteria and toxins, which positively affects the figure.

Types of diets

It should be understood that we are talking about clean water without gases, sugars or other additives. It is best to buy bottled water.

Easy diet for the lazy

With the help of this child’s rules, you can lose a few pounds after five days of following it. The bottom line is this:

  • Eat at least 2 kg for 7 days in a row. vegetables daily. They can be eaten in any convenient form (fresh, steamed, stewed or cooked).
  • Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. One glass of liquid should be drunk before each meal. It is recommended to drink not before the meal itself, but half an hour before it.

A simple diet for the lazy

In this technique you need to limit the intake of some products from 3 to 10 days.

The main secret of such an extract is to take 10 ml of apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach immediately after waking up and before going to bed. Of course, it must be diluted in a glass of clean water without gas.

You can change your diet if you find it more convenient. Namely, instead of 10 ml of vinegar, use 200 ml of vinegar water. But you need to do it half an hour before each meal.

According to the reviews of those who have lost weight on this diet, you can lose 3 kg in 3 days, you can lose 5 kg in 7 days, and up to 7 kg in 10 days.

Rules for adhering to this diet

To properly follow a lazy diet and achieve visible results, the following conditions must be met:

  • Always drink a glass of water before meals. The interval between food and fluid intake should be at least 30 minutes.
  • The water must be clean. Do not drink carbonated or sweetened water.
  • Fluid should not be taken during a meal.
  • After meals, the liquid is also not consumed for 1-2 hours.
  • You must not drink alcohol in any quantity.
  • Common drinks are replaced by coffee and tea without sugar.
Drinking liquid

While on a lazy diet, do not snack or eat fatty foods. You need to eat as many salads and fruits as possible from fresh vegetables. The diet may include the use of vitamin complexes and various additives.

Example menu for a week


  • Breakfast. Sandwich with bread and hard cheese. You should also eat one boiled egg.
  • Lunch. Chicken fillet, vegetable salad with small pieces of feta cheese.
  • Afternoon snack. Fruit like a pear.
  • Dinner. Boiled beef and a portion of fresh vegetable salad.


  • Breakfast. Low-fat cottage cheese with the addition of sliced ​​peach slices.
  • Lunch. Fish fillet with vegetable salad.
  • Afternoon snack. One or two nectarines.
  • Dinner. Chicken fillet and one egg.


  • Breakfast. Cherry tomato salad with cabbage leaves.
  • Lunch. Broth based on lean meat and slices of rye bread.
  • Afternoon snack. Pear.
  • Dinner. Fish cakes and vegetable salad.


  • Breakfast. Fresh cheese with fruit slices, seasoned with low-fat yogurt or light sour cream sauce.
  • Lunch. A piece of white fish and one or two pieces of rye bread.
  • Afternoon snack. Two or three apples.
  • Dinner. Chicken fillet and fresh vegetable salad.


  • Breakfast. Salad based on tomatoes, peppers and eggplant.
  • Lunch. Mushroom soup and black bread.
  • Afternoon snack. Low-fat cottage cheese with berries, fresh or frozen.
  • Dinner. Boiled beef and egg.


  • Breakfast. Cabbage salad (cauliflower, peking or broccoli).
  • Lunch. Chicken breast soup and vegetables.
  • Afternoon snack. Fruit-based salad topped with low-fat yogurt.
  • Dinner. Steamed fish and fresh tomato and cucumber salad.


  • Breakfast. Cabbage and green bean salad.
  • Lunch. Soup of broth.
  • Afternoon snack. Two nectarines or plums.
  • Dinner. Tuna, tomato and greens salad.

This product list is approximate. The lazy diet is designed so that a person can eat whatever he wants without special restrictions, but he also includes healthy food in his diet. Moreover, one should never forget about the water that should enter the body regularly before and after meals.

More vegetables


There are practically no contraindications. It should be borne in mind that before starting a diet you should consult your doctor. You should go through a series of simple procedures and tests to rule out a negative impact on the diet.

People with the following list of diseases should not change their diet abruptly and adhere to a lazy diet:

  • for heart problems;
  • for headaches, inflammation;
  • for gastritis, ulcer and colitis;
  • with liver or kidney failure;
  • for nervous system problems;
  • with poor bowel function;
  • during feverish illness;
  • for oncological diseases.

It should be borne in mind that water cannot be harmful if not taken too much. In people prone to edema, excess fluid should be excluded from the diet and seek expert advice.

A lazy diet should not be applied to those who are not sure they need to lose weight. For example, there are people who firmly believe that they are overweight. But relatives and friends assure that everything is fine with the character. The person wants to go on a diet and does not dare. It’s entirely possible that she’s really fine with the pounds and therefore doesn’t need to hurt the nervous system again.

The lazy diet is versatile and simple enough. It can be used even by children with overweight problems. Before proceeding with its implementation, you should take care of the health of the system and organs of the body. To do this, you need to contact a specialist who examines the body and gives an opinion on whether it is worth resorting to a lazy diet.