Watermelon diet for weight loss

how to lose weight on a diet with watermelons

Watermelon diet. . . No other diet has so many positive emotions. The bright crimson pulp on the spectacular green background seems to entice and invites you to taste the sweet piece.

Watermelon is traditionally a good diuretic, and it is also very tasty and healthy. The watermelon diet is one of the mono-diets, ie the general rule of this type of food system applies to it - do not follow the diet for more than five days. A time of 3 - 5 days is enough to get rid of toxins and excess water, as well as salts that are undesirable for the body.

A course of ten days will allow you to get rid of about 7 kg of extra pounds, but it is very difficult to endure 10 days on such a diet, so you have to approach it without fanaticism.

Watermelon diet refers to a mono-diet, if followed, it is recommended to consume only one type of product for a few days. Therefore, nutritionists warn that it takes a maximum of 5 days to sit on such a, even pleasant and not very burdensome weight loss diet.

Experts give different daily norms for the use of watermelons) (1 kg of watermelon per 10 kg (15 kg) of body weight), but as in any other business, rationality is needed here. If the arrow of the scale skips the number 70, then it is very problematic to eat almost 8 kg of watermelon in one day, even if you break the whole daily norm into 5-6 meals. Focus primarily on your own health when losing weight. If a diet with watermelons does not cause discomfort in the gastrointestinal tract, then you can eat as much as you like.

Watermelon is considered softer, to which a few slices of rye bread or some other low-calorie food (cheeses, yogurts, lean fish or meat) are added to the watermelon. You can follow this complex diet for 10 days or more. The loss of extra pounds in this case happens more slowly, but the achieved result is maintained more efficiently.

Principle of watermelon nutrition

A certain amount of watermelon is eaten within one day. The calculation is as follows: for every 10 kg of your weight you need to eat 1 kg of watermelon.

During a mono-diet, react carefully to any changes in your well-being, as the body sometimes finds it difficult to react to such a mono-diet of watermelon.

If the first day passed without any problems (stomach heaviness, bloating and other consequences), then you can safely continue with this diet for five days.

After completing the five-day mono-diet, move on to the so-called “watermelon meal” described below, for ten days.

"Watermelon Food"

  • Breakfast:sugar-free oatmeal with a little cheese.
  • Lunch:a slice of any cooked fish, poultry or meat, vegetable salad (but without fatty toppings).
  • Dinner:watermelon (for 30 kg of your weight one kilogram of watermelon).

You can get rid of a total of 8 kg for a 15-day course of such a diet. The diet is not only effective, but also delicious.

Features and shades

rules for weight loss on a diet with watermelons

You should not choose the first watermelons for the watermelon diet, because the producers fill them with an increased dose of nitrogen fertilizers and growth stimulants for earlier ripening. Consumption of large amounts of such fruit can cause serious nitrate poisoning.

Wait for the main season and go to the market or shopping to pick the most delicious watermelon.

Due to its active diuretic effect, adhering to a diet with watermelons requires a nearby toilet, so it is best to organize such fasting days during holidays or weekends.

If you want to add a gentle kidney wash to the overall positive effect, the main part of the watermelon pulp should be eaten closer to night. Finally, at night (for 3-4 hours) the urinary system begins to work actively. Try to go to the toilet at the slightest call so that the watermelon diet can fulfill its cleansing function.

It is equally important to get out of a watermelon diet properly. The more restrictive the diet, the more caution is needed when introducing other foods. Remember that any mono diet for weight loss is a serious stress for your body.


Diet with watermelons has virtually no serious contraindications. But it is recommended to adhere to moderation and rationality in everything that concerns your health.

Doctors advise people who have cardiovascular problems not to get carried away by these delicious desserts, because watermelon juice actively washes potassium and magnesium salts out of the body. Do not abuse this product to those who suffer from pancreatic diseases and diabetes mellitus due to the high sugar content in watermelon pulp.

advantages and disadvantages of a diet with watermelons for weight loss

And of course, special attention should be paid to everyone who has kidney problems, because the diet with watermelons has a strong diuretic effect.

The following diseases are contraindications to the watermelon diet:

  • kidney stones;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • severe pancreatic disease.

Listen to your well-being and be guided by your own feelings, and then a watermelon diet will be a wonderful tool for losing weight, improving your mood and improving your health.