Diet for gastritis

dietary rules for gastritis of the stomach

Organizing a proper diet allows the body to function properly.

Illnesses and various personal characteristics bring discomfort into a person's life. Therefore, making your own diet comes to the fore. Finally, problems like gastritis will not go away after a while. And sometimes even the other way around. The general situation will worsen after being sent to the hospital.

What is gastritis of the stomach

Now more than half of the entire population of the planet suffers from gastric gastritis. Leaks usually do not cause serious symptoms. But the chronic form gradually develops into a peptic ulcer or stomach cancer. Of course, the odds are no higher than 40%. The disease itself is an inflammation of the mucous membranes. Which causes the stomach to stop functioning normally. This means that incoming food is not digested properly.

The following conclusions will be a dangerous misconception:

  • Gastric gastritis is a disease of people older than 40 years;
  • develops faster in men / women;
  • it is not enough to review your diet or take a course of sedatives for treatment;
  • infections, along with an internal predisposition, will equally cause an acute form.

Presentation of facts is necessary to avoid panic. Parasitic bacteria are killed when exposed to air. But they stay in the saliva. Young mothers will easily pass them on to their babies. If the disease is detected in one of the family members, then it is better to pass the examination for everyone else.

Dietary principles for gastric gastritis

Gastroenterologists have identified 5 effective tips that will ensure the selection of products with the right composition in the next diet.

principles of diet for gastritis of the stomach

First of all, you need to correctly determine the cause of gastritis.

They are:

  • due to the appearance of Helicobacter;
  • personal genetic predisposition / inability to digest food normally.

Product selection tips:

  1. In the first step, it is enough to take a course of antibiotics. This treatment is supervised by a doctor. He also prescribes medication after taking the tests and taking the necessary tests. Otherwise, you will have to completely change your lifestyle. This advice is given to everyone at the slightest sign of illness. Quit smoking, alcoholic beverages. This also includes soda, mineral water, kefir and other dairy products with gas. In addition, full compliance with the rules of personal hygiene. They even take care of washing their hands after going to the toilet. Separate the dishes, change the toothbrush in time, use your own razor.
  2. Another tip would be to properly align the basic dietary principle for gastritis. As the disease stops, the patient can get sick at any time. The whole menu is divided into several parts. That is, a method like that of a weightlifter. 5-6 times a day in small meals. The day is divided into the time when the stomach “rests”. No food should be eaten for 3 hours before bedtime. This option is considered optimal for normalizing the body and achieving the desired result.
  3. Your food is handled properly. Meat, fish, liver, kidneys, tongue, lungs should never be eaten in pieces. Only in the form of soft cutlets, meatballs. No tendons, bones, ligaments or fat layers. Otherwise, lazy cabbage muffins are ideal. They are cooked by frying until they soften and then simmer. Exposure to heat will kill all germs, bacteria, other carriers of infection, even remnants of dirt. After all, transportation sometimes doesn’t take place under quite the right conditions.
  4. The preparation of food and drinks takes place with the personal advice of a doctor. It is forbidden to eat too hot or cold food on a diet for acute gastritis. Cooking takes place on steam, in the oven, during cooking. You can't fry. All crusts are cut to avoid causing an acute form. Exclude pickled foods, salted, pickled foods, canned foods. The porridge is cooked in boiled water or half milk. Butter is prohibited in any form. At the first signs of deterioration, immediately complete transition to therapeutic diet no. 1. You will have to drink a lot all the time. Removal of gases from mineral water is done by simply opening the bottle in a warm room. The ideal option is a compote of dried fruit and fresh berries.
  5. The last tip, but not the least important, is to eat the first meals. It is important to monitor the fat content. All vegetarian recipes are also perfect. Completely eliminate any spices. The dishes are a little salty, not sweet, liquid. Maximum comminution is required to ensure efficient digestion.

Dietary characteristics for gastritis gastritis

nutritional characteristics for gastritis

To move properly between symptoms, you need to be aware of the differences in the versions of the course of the disease. This will determine which diet is most appropriate for gastritis. The acute form is characterized by inflammatory processes. Mechanical factors, thermal, chemical, bacterial, affect the gastric mucosa. All of this occurs as a result of alcohol, spicy spices, very hot foods, with improperly selected medications.

Stress will become one of the main factors. Of course, it is impossible to exclude these 100% percentages. But in case of additional diseases, it would be useful to communicate with a gastroenterologist about the combination of certain drugs. Patients should notice the first signs of inflammation within one day of starting their course.

The diet for chronic gastritis gives a few forgiveness. Caution is still present, but without unnecessary fanaticism. To avoid recurrences, it is necessary to exclude structural changes in the shell. They look like unpleasant sensations. The discovery should be a signal of the wrong product choice. If you start the current condition, then an atrophic phase will occur. After just stomach cancer.

Allowed and forbidden foods for gastritis

Therapeutic diet for any gastritis in the stomach is compiled only under the supervision and agreement of a doctor. They also approve a ready-made list of permitted and prohibited products, which will differ in the future depending on one or another stage. It is better to start with soups whose fat content does not exceed the minimum threshold. That is, only vegetable soups. Each item is further wiped or placed in a meat grinder.

allowed and forbidden foods for gastritis

Finely chopped vegetables are excluded even if there are no symptoms. Cereals are cooked until the last stage. Also, patients are allowed wheat bread, toast made of premium flour, uncooked buns.

Pies with apples, cooked and minced meat, berry jams, low-fat poultry. Young lamb, fat-free beef fillet, chicken, minced pork, turkey. Preparation of cereals or soups allows the presence of cream, a mixture based on eggs with milk, greens in small quantities. Parsley and dill do not irritate the mucous membranes. It remained only on the advice of a gastroenterologist.

Main dishes do not exclude homemade sauces. If they do not contain hot spices, garlic, garlic, plenty of butter. The base should be cream or milk. Fish only on chops, dumplings. The meatballs will need to be ground several times. Pike, hake, pollock, cod, pig. Mashed potatoes, zucchini, carrots, pumpkin. Buckwheat semolina, oatmeal, semolina, rice, wheat, millet. Dairy products without mold, fermentation, in limited quantities. Berries and mushrooms in pureed state, previously heat-treated.

Fluids at least 2 liters per day. No soda, mineral water with gas, strong tea. Juice with a little fructose. Decoction of wheat bran, tincture of rose hips, amino acid shake are recommended. Sweets do not limit the choice much in the presence of gastritis. Honey, sugar, marshmallow, marshmallow, jam, caramel, meringue you can without problems. Chocolate, ice cream, nougat, cookies at the doctor's personal discretion.

Contraindications in the diet for gastritis

Contraindications to the diet for gastritis will be primarily all the spicy spices and marinades. You will also need to exclude fat, dumplings, liver in large quantities. A little chopped in a salad won’t hurt anyone. But putting a vodka sandwich is strictly forbidden. Not all fast food is allowed in absolutely any quantity. Margarine, spreads, coffee are boldly added here. Very sweet fruits, radishes, canned food.

what you can eat with gastritis

Grape juice for acute gastritis, fatty foods in the form of scrambled eggs, toast. Smoked products are completely excluded. After all, they have a lot of spices. Also prevent grilling.

Pay special attention to multi-ingredient dishes. This combination is difficult to digest, which means that there is a high probability of worsening the disease.

Exclude spinach, green onions, sorrel, beets from vegetables.

In general, you should avoid a variety of foods that can seriously worsen your current health. Gastroenterologists will easily provide detailed information on this issue for free access.

Diet for gastritis: menu in a week

It's important to start here. Then the body will gradually recover to the desired state and will only look for certain situations. Consider in more detail the menu for a week with gastritis of the stomach.


  1. Breakfast - soft-boiled eggs and oatmeal, you can wash them with weak tea with milk, dried fruit compote, rosehip decoration.
  2. Second breakfast - means easy preparation for the future process of digestion. Biscuit or cheesecake with any permitted drink.
  3. Lunch - divided by dishes. The first is buckwheat or barley soup. The other is a pumpkin / mashed potato with a meat / chicken cutlet grated in a meat grinder. It is drunk at personal discretion.
  4. Afternoon snack - a glass of low-fat milk / kefir.
  5. Dinner - low-fat goulash pasta. Everything is stewed or steamed.
  6. Before bed - you can use fermented baked milk, yogurt, kefir, milk.

Tuesday and Wednesday

  1. Breakfast - consists of buckwheat porridge with milk or semolina without lumps. Drink tea.
  2. Second breakfast - sweet oatmeal soup.
  3. Lunch - spaghetti soup. The other is made of peas, boiled carrots, cocoa with milk. Meat at its discretion, but previously chopped.
  4. Afternoon snack - fermented milk cottage cheese. No condensed milk, but you can get a little jam.
  5. Dinner - vegetables. Casserole with meatballs. Everything is cooked in a multi-cooker or double boiler. Drink with honey soup.
  6. Before going to bed - jelly, fermented baked milk, kefir, curdled milk.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

  1. Breakfast - consists of oatmeal with eggs. Wash with weak tea with milk.
  2. Second breakfast - oatmeal soup.
  3. Lunch - vegetable soup with chicken soup. It is important to rule out a high percentage of fat. On the other mashed potatoes, steamed cutlets, chopped cereals. Drink cocoa with low-fat milk or kefir.
  4. Afternoon snack - only cottage cheese.
  5. Dinner - fish / meat meatballs. Pea porridge, buckwheat, pasta, vegetable stew, millet. Wash with dried fruit compote.
  6. Before bed - fermented baked milk, kefir, yogurt, milk.


The last day of the week is the time to consolidate the results. It will require independent menu compilation, but on products suggested by gastroenterologists. This advice is offered by some advanced doctors. They allow patients to decide for themselves based on their personal needs and the nuances of their body.