Proper diet for weight loss: a healthy menu for a week

A slender girl on a real diet

Keeping fit not only cares about beauty, but also health. It is very important to make a healthy diet menu for weight loss for a week. The diet shows a quick, but not lasting effect. You should trust the experts who teach you to lose weight with a proper diet, not by imposing strict restrictions on the menu.

For a beautiful figure and good health, it is necessary to provide the body with vital trace elements and vitamins. However, it is not so easy to competently compose a weight loss menu on your own. Lack of a healthy diet already leads to the appearance of extra pounds. And vice versa - we ourselves notice that we lose weight, only if we manage to organize a proper diet for weight loss at home and adhere to a healthy menu for a week.

This is the best way to go back if you remember how important it is to be healthy, not just lose weight. After the establishment of the PP, all that remains is to adhere to such a menu in the next week.

Basic principles of proper nutrition for weight loss

Steam cooking for weight loss

By abruptly rejecting certain foods, a person can easily lose weight. This is tempting for women who are willing to seriously limit the menu for the day. But the consequences of such a refusal threaten health. You can lose weight on a diet, feeling an obvious lack of energy, digestive problems and malfunction of various organs. Instead, it is better to remember the principles of proper nutrition and based on them to compile a menu for a week to lose weight:

  1. A person who loses weight should respect the exact proportions of protein, fat and carbohydrates in the diet when compiling the menu.
  2. They increase the amount of vegetables and fruits consumed for weight loss: they are necessary for the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract and its cleansing.
  3. The amount of fast carbs is kept to a minimum.
  4. Healthy food in the weight loss menu for every day - dairy products. It will provide the body with calcium and protein.
  5. Salt intake should be carefully monitored, literally measuring it in grams. For good nutrition and ensuring the body's need for this substance during the day, it is enough to add salt to the main dishes in the amount of 5-10 g. Excess causes swelling, and adversely affects the work of the kidneys and other organs.
  6. For processing the product, the use of boiling, stewing, steaming is recommended. You should give up frying for weight loss.
  7. It is necessary to control the amount of water - many drink too little.

To help the competent menu for healthy weight loss, a table of proper nutrition will be found. Usually those who are thin are only interested in the number of calories. But nutritionists recommend that you pay attention to how the body absorbs and digests this or that product.

Product Proteins, g Carbohydrates, g Fat, g Digestibility Digestibility
Chicken egg 12. 7 0, 7 11, 5 97 1
Milk / Kefir 2. 8 3, 6 3 94 1
Sir 25 - 20-30 98 1
Beef 18, 9 - 12. 4 95 0, 92
Wheat 12. 7 70, 6 1, 1 80 0, 54
Beans 22. 3 54, 5 1. 7 80 0, 68
Fish 21, 0 - 7, 8 95 0, 90

Digestibility is expressed as a percentage in the table. This indicator indicates how much the product is able to break down in the digestive tract into simple substances that the body then absorbs. That is, the higher the number, the better - food is digested efficiently, turning into valuable chemicals.

The concept of digestibility was introduced to define protein quality. The highest value is one. This means that the amino acid composition of the protein optimally meets the needs of the human body and is absorbed as efficiently as possible.

Proper nutrition

Weight Loss Diet

Sometimes it seems unrealistic to organize a healthy diet for weight loss, consider a complete menu for a week. However, this is a matter of habit. First, you can set a minimum goal - to adhere to the diet for at least a week.

When planning a schedule for one day for weight loss, you should not forget about breakfast: this is the main principle of PP - every morning should start with a meal. The ideal interval between meals is three hours, so there is time to digest, so a competent diet for weight loss should have 4-5 meals a day. The meal schedule for the week must be compiled individually, taking into account your daily routine, physical and mental stress.

Snacks on a proper diet

Once you’ve put together a weight loss diet, it’s better to eat healthy meals by the hour than a chaotic snack between things during the day. This is harmful for two reasons. First, a person does not notice how each sandwich or cereal plate increases the number of calories consumed per day, in addition to those included in the menu. Second, a clear regime organizes the activity of the digestive tract.

A variety of healthy foods

List of products for proper nutrition and weight loss at home

Good news for those who are losing weight - the menu of a proper weight loss diet can and should be varied. The basis of the diet is healthy meals. Vegetables and fruits rich in fiber, vitamins are almost the main products for weight loss at home.

But it is wrong to give up meat. Poultry is ideal for skinning. You can also cook dishes from veal, rabbit, turkey.

Fish is also included in the list of products for this week. For weight loss, it is desirable that these are white varieties. But once a week you can eat fatty salmon or other red fish. Ideally, fermented milk is included in a healthy weight loss menu: it should be eaten daily to support the digestive tract. Kefir or natural yogurt without sugar and food colors is great.

Legumes are very useful and promote weight loss. Natural dairy products and cheeses are also included in the menu. As for bakery products, it is better to have rye bread on the table, rather than wheat bread or bread.

What foods to exclude for weight loss

In general, almost all dishes on the menu for a week are acceptable according to the principles of proper nutrition, but for some it is better to make an exception to lose weight quickly and without harm to health. This applies to fatty and fried foods, chips and soda water, pastries and muffins - they should not be on the weight loss menu.

You can include butter in a rough meal plan, but strictly control the amount. It is ideal to exclude mayonnaise and chips. It is also necessary to avoid the use of sausages, sausages, fatty dairy products. For weight loss it is better not to cook fatty pork, duck, goose.

How to plan your menu properly

Ideally, to go to the computer, you need to color in detail the schedule of what and at what time should be on the table. This is disciplined, especially in the beginning, until proper nutrition becomes a habit.To have an effect from the weight loss menu, it is very important to first think about how to distribute different products. And for that, you must first determine the amount of calories and make calculations based on that.

Thinking about the diet menu for weight loss for a week, it is worth remembering this principle - every day the body should receive a balanced ratio of fats and proteins, and carbohydrates, and vitamins, macro and micronutrients. It is therefore necessary to formulate a diet, which includes dishes from a wide range of products. An individual weight loss menu should have places for vegetables and fruits, fish and meat, healthy fats and grains.

How to achieve balance

Diet plan

If we are talking about percentage, then about half of the weight loss diet for each day should take carbohydrates. Another 30% is set aside for protein and the rest for fat. When compiling such a simple menu, it is necessary to take into account the level of physical activity. When you train, serious mental work is ahead, let the food be thicker, more saturated.

To properly compile the menu for each day, it is better to start with a hearty breakfast, which is sure to include it in the menu for healthy weight loss. It would be ideal to leave something light for the evening - for example, a glass of kefir. Don't forget to drink. Although it is better to give preference to pure non-carbonated water, no one forces you to give up tea and coffee, compotes and fruit drinks. When planning a day schedule, it is better to drink a tonic drink in the first half.

The ideal menu option is to make one meal for the first seven days and another for 2 weeks. Finally, it is important that the dishes do not become boring, a person can eat in various ways. Moreover, you can find options for ready-made menus of a healthy and proper diet for weight loss.

Experts warmly recommend that you do not skip meals and do not drink water with food: this simple principle is very important for a proper diet, with which weight loss will be obvious. If the schedule is such that sometimes there really is no way to eat, then you need to eat a healthy snack with you. These can be nuts, dried fruits, fresh fruits, kefir or yogurt.

Example of a one-week menu with recipes

Many contemporaries find it difficult to develop a diet for themselves for a banal reason - lack of time. Therefore, it is easier to find a ready-made detailed weight loss menu and use it, perhaps adapting it to yourself. This can be done very simply - replace the products with equivalent analogues. For example, instead of fish - chicken fillet, instead of apple - pear.

It is much easier to organize a proper diet for weight loss, having a menu for each day. At least just because you can go to the store with a certain list of products. You are much less likely to be tempted and buy something harmful.

Simplify the transition to a healthy diet Diet weight loss diary for the week, where you can record how much food is eaten. Although an average intake of 1500 kcal per day is recommended, for some it will not be enough for one day - if the lifestyle is active, mobile. Thanks to the diary, you will find it easier to monitor your well-being, condition, weight and, if necessary, adjust your diet, add or remove excess meals.

Chocolate and apples

No interruptions and unnecessary costs

When choosing an approximate menu for effective weight loss, you should not immediately set yourself the maximum task. Otherwise, failure is almost inevitable. The main thing is that there are many different dishes in the diet: thanks to a varied menu, it is easier to switch to a proper diet. And even experts recommend small flaws.

You can definitely include the forbidden sweetness in the weekly menu even when you lose weight. For example, it could be a piece of chocolate or your favorite dessert. It is recommended to eat sweets only before noon, so that less pain settles on the side.

It is convenient that you can pick up a fairly inexpensive menu for proper weight loss diet. Thanks to a clear weight loss program for a week, you can break away from the stereotype that a healthy diet is expensive. More often than not, we simply don’t notice how we spend, either on a suspicious snack in fast food, or on an unplanned purchase at the supermarket - products that clearly contradict the principles of a healthy diet.

Fish and vitamin salad


The first day of the week for weight loss is better to start with something tasty and healthy that can give you a positive attitude. Therefore, for breakfast you can prepare a glass of low-fat kefir and berry smoothie, adding a couple of tablespoons of bran. For lunch it will be good to eat chicken soup with noodles and vegetables. For dinner, the menu can include baked fish with aromatic herbs and a vitamin salad for it - from cabbage, carrots and apples.

Vegetable oil is used as a poultice for proper nutrition. Sometimes it is allowed to add sour cream to the menu. When making snacks, you can afford to eat a few fruits or cottage cheese with a cup of lemon tea. Sugar is best avoided altogether for weight loss. If you can’t drink tea or coffee without sweetening at all, add honey.


For breakfast you can have a cup of hot coffee, scrambled eggs and fresh vegetables. For example, from the finished menu is a perfect salad of cabbage and cucumbers, seasoned with sour cream. Dine is a vegetable soup, a sandwich with hard cheese and an egg. In the evening for weight loss you can pamper yourself with grilled salmon and peppers.


Start your day with boiled chicken breasts, which go well with fresh tomatoes. At lunch time barley porridge with vegetables and veal will help you get full. Kefir and one whole grain cake will be the perfect end to the day.


To make losing weight a pleasure, you can have breakfast with fresh cheese, adding a spoonful of honey. A great lunch will turn out to be a salad of cooked rice and vegetables.Dishes for FridayFor dinner, bake a pollock and add seaweed to it.


On this day, which ends the work week, breakfast can be made hearty. Two hard-boiled eggs with two toasts and a slice of hard cheese will serve from the menu. Lunch is worth the soup with meatballs, vegetable salad and buckwheat porridge. The last note will be stuffed peppers with a tablespoon of low-fat sour cream.


For breakfast you can make tea in a casserole. For lunch, the menu for effective weight loss should include a plate of mushroom soup, a little cooked rice with a slice of beef and a vegetable salad. A delicious and healthy dinner will be steamed fish with green peas.


For Sunday breakfast, coffee with two sandwiches with cheese and tomatoes is excellent. In the middle of the day, you should fill the chicken breasts with buckwheat porridge. For dinner, fish with your favorite grilled vegetables.

Simple and healthy recipes for weight loss

Sometimes it is difficult for beginners to master the principles of healthy eating. Then ready-made recipes for simple meals that will benefit your health without burdening you with extra calories will help you.

By the way, it is also important to get rid of the prejudice that a proper diet takes a lot of time to prepare. It is quite possible to plan a healthy menu for the whole week, just by learning a little customized recipes for all known dishes.

Chicken chops in the oven

Chicken cutlets

Nutritionists strongly recommend relying on lean meats. Therefore, chicken chops from such a part of the bird as the breast are an excellent option for proper nutrition.

The dish is prized for its high protein content and easy digestibility. But such a meal has the least fat and carbohydrates. Therefore, the chops will fit well into a healthy weight loss menu. To cook you will need:

  • 400-500 grams of chicken breast;
  • one bow;
  • clove of garlic;
  • 100 g fat-free cottage cheese;
  • 2 egg whites and 1 chicken egg yolk.

After chopping the chicken, add the chopped onion and garlic to the minced meat, as well as the rest of the ingredients. For aroma and pleasant taste, add nutmeg, a tablespoon of dried dill, salt and black pepper. After mixing the mass, cutlets are formed and baked in the oven at 180 degrees for 30-40 minutes.

There is also an interesting version of cooking your favorite chicken chops to organize a proper diet to lose weight. Instead of cottage cheese, in the same proportional proportion to the minced meat is added favorite chopped vegetables - for example, carrots, peppers. Thanks to this, the chops are very juicy, completely non-fat, so they can be safely included in a healthy diet for weight loss.

Homemade cottage cheese

Homemade cheese cheese

Nutritionists do not forbid eating cheese. However, they are cautious when it comes to an industrial product. It all depends on the conscientiousness of the manufacturer, especially the recipe. Some types of cheese from the store are categorically unsuitable for proper nutrition. To avoid doubting the quality, you can include your own product in the menu.

Homemade cheese is a real treat that will serve as an excellent alternative to industrial products. You can cook it very quickly according to the simplest recipe that you will add to the weight loss menu. To do this, you need to boil a liter of milk with a fat content of 3, 2 percent. Add 30 ml of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of butter. For a spicy taste, you can add a teaspoon of your favorite dried herbs and a little salt.

The resulting mass must be boiled, then removed from the heat, strained through gauze. The resulting curd is squeezed out and placed under oppression. When it cools, you can serve it immediately to the table.

Green borscht

Green borscht

Many people can’t imagine their dinner without soup or borscht. It's just that not every first course is suitable for a nutrition program for weight loss. A nutritious ham or rich pea soup with pork ribs will definitely not fit into the menu.

Green borscht is prepared with pleasure by many housewives throughout the year. And when the goal is to improve the shape, the dish comes in handy. You need to cook it lightly - not on the basis of meat broth, but on plain water. You will need the following ingredients:

  • 2. 5 liters of water;
  • 2 bundles of sorrel;
  • 2-3 pcs. carrots;
  • 1 onion;
  • 3-4 pcs. potato.

Put water on the fire to boil. Hard-boiled eggs are cooked separately. Peel a squash, grate it and slice it. The acid must also be washed off thoroughly. In a pan greased with olive oil, you have to fry diced onions and carrots, which have been previously grated.

The vegetables are sent to boiling water and then the potatoes are placed there. At the very end, add the sorrel so that it does not overcook. Chopped eggs are placed in the finished borscht. When serving, you can add sour cream and sprinkle the dish with dill, parsley or other favorite herbs.

Apple dessert with honey and cottage cheese

Since sweets with a proper diet should be replaced with fruit, hostesses are interested in how they can be cooked deliciously and quickly, so as not to eat raw all the time. It is easy and simple to make an apple baked with honey and cottage cheese.

The fruit is washed, cut off the top and carefully cleaned. A spoonful of cottage cheese is mixed with honey and filled with fruit mass. The apple is left to bake in the oven until it is cooked at a temperature of 180 degrees. Twenty minutes is usually enough for that.

A girl who lost weight with a proper diet


Experience shows that it is enough to follow the basic principles of a healthy diet for weight loss. Weights do not melt easily before our eyes, as with rigid diets. On average, a healthy diet allows you to lose about two pounds a month.

This is a gentle weight loss option for the body.

Moreover, according to those who have lost weight, a diet scheduled for a week is good for health. Along with the withdrawal of extra pounds, the digestive system is getting better, the skin is cleansed of rashes, the complexion is improved. Starting small, you can make PP a habit, imperceptibly radically changing everything harmful, which we often eat on the run, for healthy and tasty meals from a healthy menu to save weight loss.